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Emergency Shelter


Helping Survivors of DV

S.A.F.E. House is best known for it's emergency shelter. It starts with a call to our Crisis Hotline. At that time, survivors answer some questions about their situation. The Crisis Hotline is also available to help victims of of domestic violence find additional resources through the many partnerships established throughout the state. 

Our shelter is an 85-bed facility that offers 90 days of free lodging and services, including case management, therapy for adults and children, enrichment classes, a children's program, and safety planning — onsite, 24x7x365. All of these services are consistent with our mission to shelter and empower survivors of intimate partner domestic violence. Residents in our shelter are invited to work with S.A.F.E. House staff to determine if they are eligible to become a participant in one of our housing programs

Intake Process

A crisis call determines the eligibility of a caller for an emergency stay in our shelter. 

Once in shelter, the intake process begins:

  • Interview about the situation with only basic questions

  • Survivor is given bedding, hygiene items, and other necessities

  • The guest is taken to their room



Within three days of intake, each guest at the shelter meets with a case manager.

This initial meeting is set up to welcome the survivor into S.A.F.E. House. 

  • Participant is reminded of the basic rules of staying at the shelter

  • We give them a tour so they know where to do laundry, where the kitchen is, and more

Shelter residents are not required to participate in case management. Our goal is to ensure our guests feel safe and comfortable.



Safety is the top priority for all survivors of domestic violence that enter the S.A.F.E. House shelter.

This includes a safety plan:​

  • Working with case management to define a plan to stay safe on shelter and off shelter

  • Discuss additional struggles

  • Determine possible service needs

This plan is updated as often as needed. Participants are able to speak with their case manager as often as needed and we encourage at least a weekly meeting. 


During the course of case management, S.A.F.E. House employees work to help ensure that our residents are connected with any services they may need. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Wireless plans

  • Custody

  • Housing

  • Immigration issues

  • Restraining orders

  • Substance abuse

  • ...and more

S.A.F.E. House is a temporary home for those we serve. During a resident's 90-day stay, we do as much as we can to make sure they're comfortable as well as safe. This can range from personal items to clothing.

A Temporary Home

While staying at S.A.F.E. House, our goal is to help empower the family. In addition to basic shelter services and case management, residents are treated with RESPECT and as though they are part of our family. From meals to athletic areas, we work to ensure S.A.F.E. House feels like a home. 

Contact Us

505.247.4219 (Local) 800.773.3645 (Toll-Free)

P.O. Box 25363

Albuquerque, NM 87125

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please call our 24/7 hotline.
505.247.4219 (Local) 800.773.3645 (Toll-Free)
Our staff are standing by to assist you in any way possible.

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